Akimoto is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. She is in charge of the newspaper club.

Appearance Edit

Akimoto is a short young girl who has brown hair like Umekos ,but she wears two ponytails. When in school she wears the Okyot Academy uniform but out side of class she wears very similar clothes to Umeko.

Personality Edit

Akimoto is very friendly but devious. She likes to "help" Umeko get Tristan to like her but her help isn't always the best thing. She also loves taking pictures of everything. Akimoto has pictures of almost every student in school and she has pictures of every inch of the school. People believe she is a mega creeper but she doesn't care.

Relationship Edit

Umeko Edit

Akimoto's cousin who tries to hook up Umeko with Tristan by causing set ups. She likes to trick Tristan into usually getting trapped with Umeko somewhere( Her room, Locker room, bathroom,etc.).

Brandon Edit

Akimoto likes Brandon. She takes more pictures of him then anyone else. She believes if she helps Umeko get Tristan then Brandon will notice her. She fantasizes about marrying Brandon all the time (mainly when she is near him) but because if this she doesn't talk when Brandon is near her.

Jonah Edit

Akimoto absolutely hates Jonah because she believes he is the biggest pig ever and he gives Brandon a hard time.She wishes that Jonah would get kicked out of school but she can never find a good way to do it since Brandon is always near Jonah. She truly believes that Jonah plans on betraying and killing Brandon.

Magic Edit

Akimoto was imbued with mana at birth and as a result she can use excaecatio lux magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Unnoticeable - She is hardly noticed if she doesn't make herself known (That's how she gets most of her pictures)
  • Resistance to Sight Distortion - She can't be blinded or lose any sort of eye sight caused by magic

Spells Edit

  • Flash - Makes a quick flash of light that dazes an opponent
  • Light Dash - She can move a few yards instantaneously and leaves a flash of light
  • Titanium Bo Staff - It has no magic property but she can use some magic to dramatically increase the speed she can swing it

Magic Equip Edit