Alberto Bologna is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A and is Tristan's rival.

Alberto Human

Appearance Edit

Alberto is a shorter guy. He also has a bowl hair cut with black hair and a cowlick on the right side of his head. Alberto is never seen smiling unless something bad happens to Tristan. He normally wears the Okyot Academy uniform but in his spare time he wears button up shirts and jean shorts. He is 5'5 with a 0 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Alberto is the type of guy who thinks he is higher then everyone else. He is cocky for no reason and he truly believes that he is one of the greatest mages of all time. He likes to pick fights (specifically with Tristan). He will even pick fights with those who he knows he can't beat to prove his manly bravado. He actually is pretty much fearless except for when he talks to Haruka and Milena.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

Alberto's rival. Tristan and him are roommates but they don't get along at all. Alberto tries to compete with Tristan in everything even in eating more food than him.

Vera Edit

Alberto's loving sister. She is very protective and loving of her brother but he gets annoyed by her. Even though he enjoys having her as a sister he likes to act cool when she is around so she doesn't embarrass him.

Brandon Edit

Alberto doesn't like Brandon since the moment he meets him. Alberto thinks he is smarter then Brandon but he really isn't.

Jonah Edit

Alberto is at first tempted to fight Jonah but after the classroom war and Alberto gets hit with his Demon Solar Flare, Alberto becomes afraid of him when he is in Magic Equip form.

Haruka Edit

Alberto likes her since the first time he saw her, but he is too nervous to talk to her. Alberto tries to keep Tristan away from Haruka.

Milena Edit

Another girl Alberto likes. Alberto tends to follow her around unless Jonah is in the area. Alberto is afraid to talk to her aswell.

Shin Fukui Edit

Alberto is the only kid Mr. Fukui does not like. When he finds out someone was bribed to let him be #1 in class A, he is furious. Alberto is always very snooty when talking to Mr. Fukui. Mr. Fukui tries to find ways to make Tristan look better than Alberto.

Magic Edit

Alberto was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use the very weak Pulva Magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Decreased Natural and Magical Power- his strength, speed, and magic power is lower than EVERYONES (except Tristan)
  • Easily Hated - Alberto is amazing at making people hate him

Magic Edit

  • Dust Blower - Alberto shoots dust out of his hands that can make people cough and get the sniffles
  • Dust Slap - Alberto covers his hand in dust and it leaves a little red mark on the enemy
  • Dust Sniper - Alberto shoots a small patch of dust at an opponents eyes and they start to water a little bit
  • Dust Cloud - Makes a small dust cloud to make an enemy cough and get irritated

Magic Equip Edit

Alberto Magic

Like all mages, Alberto has a magic equip

Appearance Edit

He is a pile of dust