Aries is a Legendary creature that can become a familiar.

About Edit

Aries is one of the twelve zodiac familiars and is very powerful. He is a very stubborn and hard headed person. When Aries was mortal, he was abandoned by his family and lived in an orphanage. He was a very short-tempered and stubborn kid always having to be leader when they children would play. He was also a very loving person, but tried to hide this. One day his orphanage was attacked and all the of the adults were killed. The attackers were going to enslave all of the children, but Aries wouldn't allow this to happen while he was still living. He gathered some of the older children and led the to kill the attackers. They defeated them and Aries vowed to stay and watch over the children so this would never happen again and saving other children from similar fates. By the time he was 18, the king of gods, Jupiter, heard of the good Aries had done. He offered him the life of a zodiac, but Aries refused because he wouldn't leave the children. Jupiter told Aries becoming a zodiac would give him powers to watch and protect many more people which Aries had to agree too.

Appearance Edit

Aries has the appearance of a young man with light, shaggy, hair. Aries visits Earth often and his clothing is more modern. Aries is lean and muscular. He has to ram horns protruding from his head. Aries usually looks ticked off which matches his personality. His zodiac symbol is tattooed on his wrist.

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Befriending Edit

Like the other zodiacs, Aries comes to Earth during a certain period every year to look for a master and can be familiarized if certain conditions are met. Aries looks for people who are natural leaders and are just as stubborn as him, although this usually causes him and his master to have quarrels (in a friendly way). Aries will not pick anyone who is unjust and hates anyone who doesn't like children. Aries hates doing this part, but will ask a person if they want him as a familiar, but if they refuse he will look for another the next year.

Uses Edit

Aries is an Offense Familiar. He is quick on his feet and is good in hand to hand combat. He can use his horns to ram people.