Brandon Luczak is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. He is one of Tristan's childhood friends.

Brandon Human

Appearance Edit

Brandon has short brown hair that is shaved on the sides. When he's in school, Brandon wears his Okyot Academy uniform and also wears it outside of school. He wears a rosary given to him by Michael which can allow Brandon to tap into Michel's mana when they are in a pickle. Brandon is 5'11" and has a bust size of 0 cm.

Personality Edit

Brandon is a calm person who keeps Jonah in line. Like Jonah, Brandon doesn't shy away from a fight, but unlike Jonah, he doesn't start them. Brandon has the second highest grades in class A, second to Haruka.

Relationships Edit

Jonah Edit

The two met when they were young and found out they both had one of three divine magics. Even though their magics are at opposite ends of the spectrum, they decided to use that to their advantage and become friends and a team. They are still searching for the person who has the Surgunt Angelus magic, which is one reason they enrolled in Okyot Academy, to hopefully create the strongest mage team that has ever existed. Brandon is the one who cleans up after the messes Jonah makes and keeps him from getting into too much trouble.

Tristan Edit

Brandon and Jonah met Tristan when they were young and he was getting picked on for having a weak magic. Brandon and Jonah beat up the bullies and the three have been friends ever since. They all dreamed of enrolling in Okyot Academy when they turned 14 to help Tristan strengthen his magic and to meet more mages. Now, they are fulfilling their dream.

Haruka Edit

Being the top two in class 1A, Brandon and Haruka became friends and study together.

Masumi Edit

Brandon became friends with Masumi when he started tutoring her. When Brandon found out about her Magic Equip problems, he vowed to find a way to help her keep it under control.

Vera Edit

When Brandon first sees Vera he instantly falls in love with her. When he tries to confess to her, she tells him that she doesn't have the same feelings, but would love to become very good friends.

Alberto Edit

Alberto is number 3 in class A in terms of grades. He hates Brandon for being smart, strong and actually having friends. Brandon thinks he is annoying because Alberto always has a speech to try and prove how he's "better", but Brandon never really listens.

Milton Edit

Brandon gets terrified when Milton is around because Milton is in love with him.

Michael Edit

Michael watches over Brandon like an older brother. Over the years, the two have become close.

Milena Edit

Milena and Brandon become friends after she joins Okyot Academy and she has the 3rd highest grades in class. They also get to know each other because she is helping Jonah with his homework. Brandon sometimes thinks the two have something going on.

Marlen Edit

Brandons rival. During their fight they fight each other and ever since Marlen competes with Brandon in everything.

Magic Edit

Brandon was chosen at birth by the Archangel Michael to be the Representative of Heaven in the war against Hell and the Fallen Angels. The magic given to Brandon is the Sanctus Magic, which is one of the three Divine Magics. He is given the Divine Weapon Holy Sword Excalibur to aid him in the fight. Since Brandon befriended Jonah when they were children, they helped to create a peace treaty between Heaven and Hell. (Sanctus Magic has a base of Light Magic)

Abilities Edit

  • Increased Natural and Magical power- Brandon has more speed and magic power than most people in the 1st year class
  • Light Resistance- Since Brandon's magic is holy, light magic has no effect on him
  • Mana Absorb- If Brandon focuses hard enough, he can draw in more mana and use it to heal
  • Extreme Attractiveness - All representatives are born to look very attractive

Known Spells Edit

  • Flash- A weak light attack that can impair vision (Brandon uses this in his Flash fights with Akimoto)
  • Light Shield- Brandon creates a shield made of light
  • Angel's Arrow- Brandon shoots arrows of light at the opponent
  • Luminous Punch- Brandon surrounds his hands in concentrated light magic to deal extra damage when punching
  • Holy Grenade- spawns a ball of light that explodes
  • Divine Mana Leech - when Brandon hits an opponent with a spell he drains some of their mana to regenerate his
  • Summon Holy Sword Excalibur- Excalibur is summoned when the wielder says, "Excalibur! Nos benedícere seauto!"

Blessings Edit

Brandon knows a few spells that can create insane buffs for him and de-buffs for his enemies.They create a major strain on Brandon and he only uses them in times of crisis.

  • Angels Taxation Blessing - Brandon can suck a major amount of mana out of all (Friend or Foe) near him and it adds to his own but he is physically harmed by this spell and this spell can lead to Brandon getting sick.
  • Heavens Cleansing Light Blessing - Brandon makes the heavens light shoot down from the sky blinding enemies and preventing the use of magic besides his own. While the light is down his mana is swiftly drained and Brandon recieves burns from the light. Brandon also gets dry skin and it kinda itches.
  • Ultimate Blessing God's Loan - Brandon enters a state of immortality with godly speed, strength, and magic power, but he loses mana and life force quickly. Brandon can kill himself with this spell if in use for too long.

Magic Equip (1st Form) Edit

Brandon Magic

Like all mages, Brandon has a magic equip where his power dramatically increases, but until mastered, can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

In this form Brandon has white angel wings and a halo. He wears a white shirt with a white cloth draped over his shoulders and around his waste. The rosary he was given is now visible. He has dark grey pants and brown boots. In this form Brandon can move extremely fast.

Magic Equip Only Spells Edit

  • Angel's Judgement- light surrounds the opponent and implodes, if an ally is close to the opponent the ally will not be damaged
  • Gods Anger - A giant bolt of light shoots down from the heavens and slams onto the opponent crushing them and the ground underneath them. Also enemies hit lose a tremendous amount of magic power.

Final Magic Equip ( Deity Power Surge) Edit

Only the representatives of Heaven and Hell have this transformation. With this transformation they gain tremendous power that is comparable to the strongest Angels and Demons. These transformations are very circumstantial. Brandon only can activate his when an ally's life is on the line and he needs to help.

Appearance Edit

Brandon is completely covered in armor that is a glowing white and yellow. He has a halo floating above his helmet and has wing slots in his armor. His wings are much larger then when in his 1st form.

Final Form Spell Edit

  • Light Blade - Excalibur lights up extremely bright and it phases through anything leaving a light slice mark behind. When ever Brandon says "Burst" the slice marks explode with tremendous power. This spell is unblock-able.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Brandon is the representative of heaven, he will become the next King of Angels
  • Brandon will one day be given the gift of Solomon's Wisdom
  • Brandon has a secret about him and Jonah that not even Jonah knows about
  • Since Brandon is a Nephilim, other angels think he is a lesser to them (all Nephilims are usually unliked)