Crystal Petropoulos is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. She is the eighth girl to meet Tristan.

Crystal Human


Crystal has long, straight black hair that goes down to about her legs and covers her left eye. She has Brown eyes and normally wears her Okyot Academy uniform but, in her free time she usually wears Dresses with a flower in her hair. She also wears a necklace that helps enhance her magic.Crystal is 5'8" and has a 73 cm bust

Personality Edit

Crystal has a cool and humorous demeanor. She is a very sweet girl but likes to cause havoc and to stir up tension between people. She isn't mean but she likes to mess with peoples tempers. She also has a caring side and tends to get jealous if she doesn't get attention and she will do what it takes to make some people notice her. She is also very competitive person especially when it comes to Tristan. She will do things that most girls would not do.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

Crystal first meets Tristan when he is on a walk around the campus and he bumps into her and knocks her down allowing him to see her panties. She is very calm about it and she doesn't care that he saw them. She at that moment starts to like Tristan at that moment because she thought his reaction to the whole event was funny and cute. She starts trying to make the other girls think that Tristan is more into her by being more touchy then the others( Kind of like Masumi).

Tiffany Edit

Crystals twin sister who look nothing alike. They don't talk a whole lot to each other but they talk about Tristan and Jonah when they do talk and they try to help each other with the guys.

Jonah Edit

Crystal like to give Jonah a hard time about Tiffany liking him so much even though she knows they are not dating. She likes to play along in the act about Jonah "dating" Tiffany. But because of this they become pretty close friends

Brandon Edit

Crystal enjoys picking on Brandon in particular since he takes everything so seriously and she thinks its funny even though Brandon helps her learn to control her magic since she cant control her Ice magic so well.( Also similar to Masumi)

Aiko Edit

Crystal likes messing with Aiko when Tristan is around since Aiko gets very jealous and agitated with Crystals actions. Aiko always trys to challenge Crystals strength to prove she is better then Crystal and she does it right back.

Magic Edit

Crystal was imbued with mana at birth and as a result she can use Glacies Magic

Abilities Edit

  • Cold Aura - The air and objects surrounding Crystal get cold and somethings start to freeze.
  • Cold Resistance - Ice based spells are not very powerful against her.

Known Spells Edit

  • Icicle Gun - She shoots an icicle and a rapid speed at her opponent
  • Snowstorm - Makes a snowstorm that makes the area effected cold and hard to see through
  • Frozen Spike Eruption - Makes a large area of land shoot icicles that can pierce metal
  • Ice Dome - Forms a ice dome around Crystal and allies to defend them from an attack

Final Gambit Edit

A final gambit is a spell so powerful that it takes almost all the users mana to activate it.

  • Absolute Zero - Crystal completely freezes everything within 75 yards of her. The ice is so cold its very hard to escape. People with strong flames are able to escape it.

Magic Equip Edit

Like all mages, Crystal has a magic equip where her power increases dramatically, until mastered, can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

Crystals whole body except her hair becomes ice and she grows a large formation of ice on the side of her head. She loses her clothes and wears something similar to a bikini.