Death is a demigod who appears to people before they die.


Death is a very tall person with a solemn look. He is slim and wears a suit with varying tie colors. Death's hair is jet black and slicked back. His long arms go from human looking at the shoulders, to black and demonic (although he is not a demon) from the forearms down. Death is only visible to people whom he has come to take, or to people who make a sacrifice to see him. Like all divine beings, he is extremely handsome to everyone.


Despite what most people have come to believe, Death is a very kind person. Although he does his job he does not enjoy doing it and it makes him depressed. To be happy, he likes to spend time in nature admiring everything Life had created. He thinks that people won't like him because of what he does and always has a lonely air to him.



Death has been in love with Life for centuries, but doesn't tell her because he thinks she doesn't like him. Life always tries avoiding Death because she is in love with him, but is too nervous to say anything. The interactions between them are always awkward.

Michael and Satan

Michael and Satan know Death very well since he is the one to send souls on their way to either Heaven or Hell. They know that Life and Death love each other and feel bad that neither of them know. After [insert some arc/event here], they all become closer and help Death not be so lonely.

Brandon and Jonah

Both Brandon and Jonah have had the opportunity to meet Death, but not under great circumstances. They are some of the rare few that have seen Death multiple times, but haven't been taken by him which actually makes Death happy. They can both see Death at all times because of their magics. Like Michael and Satan, after [insert some arc/event here], Brandon and Jonah become friends with Death.


Because of her magic, Aiko can see death at any time. Death becomes friends with Aiko when he finds this out since he hasn't known any non-divine who can do that.

Harem & Friends

During [insert some arc/event here], they all find out that Death is lonely. They all make the sacrifice to be able to see him so they can be friends with him. When they do this Death becomes extremely happy.


  • Immortality- Death cannot die
  • Teleportation- Death can be in any place in an instant
  • Nightmare Illusion- Death can make people who have done bad things see their worst nightmares before they die
  • Death Touch- He can make anything die if he has too, the soul is only sent to purgatory if he does this
  • Soul Reap- Death can remove a soul and send it to the place it needs to be


  • Death cannot feel physical pain
  • Death is not an angel or demon, but can make contracts with people (although it is extremely hard to make one with him)
  • The reason Death hates what he does is because he is taking what Life gave