Devil's Pitchfork is a Weapon Based object that can be claimed as a familiar.

About Edit

Devil's Pitchfork is a divine weapon owned for centuries by Satan. The weapon can touch souls which is why Satan used it to keep the souls of the damned in the lower reaches of Hell. The weapon is resistant to all heat.

Appearance Edit

Devil's Pitchfork is made of an indestructible black metal. For a divine weapon, it is the most plainly designed. One end has three sharp prongs and the other end only has one.

Familiar Edit

Obtaining Edit

Devil's Pitchfork is the familiar of Satan. The only way for it to be unbound if for Satan to die, which "most likely won't happen because I'm me" (quote from Satan)

Uses Edit

Since it can touch spirits, it is one of the few things that can damage them. The three pronged end can be lit on fire after it has stabbed something. It can be thrown like a spear and will fly extremely accurately.