Drakes are reptilian creatures that can become familiars. They are very rare, intelligent and cunning creatures.

Appearance Edit

They are small dragons without wings, yet far more fearsome. They are about the size of rhinoceros. They have a frill around their neck used for intimidation. Their scales can be colored bronze, orange or red.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Very few people have ever seen a Drake and only two others have been Familiarized before (by a past representatives of both Heaven and Hell). The two tamed said all Drakes are tamed in their own ways and it was true for them. They are extremely hard to Familiarize because of how smart and strong they are.

Uses Edit

Drakes are Offensive Familiars. They are quick and mainly use their teeth and claws for attacking. They are also able to swing their spiked tails. They use their intellect to make split-second discussions and plan attacks. Their tough scales sharply reduce damage from physical attacks.