Flying Felines are airborne creatures that can become familiars. Thought to be extinct until Milena Familiarizes one.

Appearance Edit

When in their natural form, flying felines are large cat like creatures. They have large fangs and the wings of a dragon. When they are in their Diminutive Form, Flying Felines look like sweet little cats with tiny dragon wings.They are usually black and white.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Flying Felines are very territorial creatures. You will know you are in their territory when you see claw marks on trees, but only up in the branches. They are sly and will attack from places you can't see them. The way to befriend them is to dodge all of its attacks and show it you are not afraid. When it stops attacking they will become curious and come nearer to you. This is when it is safe to touch it and Familiarize it.

Uses Edit

Flying Felines are Offense Familiars. They are fast and use their fangs and claws to attack. They have strong senses and can use them to find enemies.