Francois is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class B. He is Tristan's other enemy.

Appearance Edit

Francois has long purple hair that has a shine to it. He also wears a diamond stud earring. During school Francois wears an Okyot Academy uniform and when out of class he wears a button up nice shirt with a unbuttoned classy jacket with dress pants. He is 5"10 with a 0 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Francois thinks he is the perfect man for women. He thinks all you need to have girls love you is nice hair and a french accent. After seeing all of the girls showing interest in Tristan he wants to show everyone that Tristan is a loser so the girls won't like him.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

Francois planned on coming to Okyot Academy to meet girls and impress them with his Hair Magic. When he finds out girls don't like that and sees that Tristan is building a harem, he wants to eliminate Tristan and take it for himself.

Aiko Edit

Francois wants to start a harem and it's all because of the fight the two had. The fight also makes Aiko his favorite girl despite the fact that she is mean and hates him.

Brandon Edit

Francois always tries to invite Brandon to the Cool Hair club, but Brandon always declines because Francois always tries to humiliate Tristan.

Thad Edit

Francois and Thad sometimes work together to take down Tristan.

Magic Edit

Francois was imbued with mana at birth so he can use Capillus Magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Shiny Hair - Francois's hair always glistens for some reason
  • Perfect Hair - Even if his hair gets cut or burnt it goes back to a clean state with no split ends and is still healthy and flows like in the Lo'real commercial

Spells Edit

  • Hair Whip - Francois flings his hair and it whips enemies
  • Hair Net - Francois makes a net out of hair that traps enemies
  • Hair rope - Francois snares an enemy in a rope of hair and he can throw them around
  • Hair Sheild - Francois makes a shield out of hair

Magic Equip Edit

Like all mages, Francois has a magic equip where his power dramatically increases , but until mastered, can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

Francois's hair grows so much that it covers his entire body besides his eyes. He also grows a large mustache.