Hippocampi are aquatic creatures that can become familiars.

About Edit

Hippocampi are friendly creatures who live in tropical waters. They were known for saving sailors who got in ship wrecks. They have two subspecies which are winged and non-winged.

Appearance Edit

A Hippocampus is a literal sea-horse. They have the front half of a horse and a tail like a mermaid. Although more rare, some also have wings. They come in different shades of blues and greens.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Hippocampi are very friendly creatures making them easy to Familiarize. Feeding them seaweed or sugar usually makes them trust a person immensely.

Uses Edit

Hippocampi are Utility Familiars. They are great for traveling in water, or through the air if they have wings. On land they can move, but are slow. They can carry or pull a lot of weight.