Humphrey is Thad's bird and his sidekick.


Appearance Edit

Humphrey is a bird that is a brown sparrow with a cream colored belly. He is very small at a height of 11 cm.

Personality Edit

He is a loud annoying bird. He screams A lot especially after he finishes a sentence. He is pretty nice but is only mean to those who Thad doesn't like (Tristan). He also is a very smart bird who helps Thad on his test but know one knows why he is so smart.

Relationships Edit

Thad Edit

Humphrey's master and friend since Thad was a little boy. They have always been friends and do everything together. He is the brains to Thad even though he does whatever Thad wants. They both work together to help Thad get a second chance to fight Tristan.

Tristan Edit

He dislikes Tristan because Thad dislikes him. Humphrey helps Thad get a second chance to fight Tristan and humiliate him in front of everyone.

Quotes Edit