Jonah O'Laughlin is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. He is one of Tristan's childhood friends.

Jonah Human

Appearance Edit

Jonah has short dark brown hair. He wears his Okyot Academy uniform when in school and when he's not... he wears the same thing... He tries to smile a lot to impress girls, but he has Tiffany. He is 6'0" and has a 0 cm bust size.

Personality Edit

Jonah is a very competitive person and likes to fight with the power he has. He will fight anyone to prove his power, including his friends. Despite this he does care for most of his friends and will protect them when needed. Jonah tries flirting with a lot of the girls in school which angers them all because they think he is taken by Tiffany. He gets nervous when Tiffany is around because she gets grabby.

Relationships Edit

Brandon Edit

The two met when they were young and found out they both had one of three divine magics. Even though their magics are at opposite ends of the spectrum, they decided to use that to their advantage and become friends and a team. They are still searching for the person who has the Surgunt Angelus magic, which is one reason they enrolled in Okyot Academy, to hopefully create the strongest mage team that has ever existed. Brandon is the one who cleans up after the messes Jonah makes and keeps him from getting into too much trouble.

Tristan Edit

Jonah and Brandon met Tristan when they were young and he was getting picked on for having a weak magic. Brandon and Jonah beat up the bullies and the three have been friends ever since. They all dreamed of enrolling in Okyot Academy when they turned 14 to help Tristan strengthen his magic and to meet more mages. Now, they are fulfilling their dream.

Umeko Edit

When they first met, Jonah made a remark about her age and size. This angered Umeko and the two fight like they are brother and sister.

Aiko Edit

Jonah and Aiko used to be play mates at a very young age but Jonah doesn't remember at all and Aiko and Mr. Fukui know this fact. Aiko wants to try and recreate their friendship but she isn't good at talking to people.

Masumi Edit

When Masumi was transferred into Okyot Academy, Jonah fell in love with her. When they began to talk she told him that if he hadn't already had a girlfriend (Tiffany) she would have dated him. No matter how many times Jonah tries to explain, he will remain in the friend-zone. Because Masumi uses blood magic, she is able to summon Jonah since she isn't strong enough to summon a full demon yet.

Tiffany Edit

Tiffany first saw Jonah on the Atmos-Train on the way to Okyot Academy and instantly fell in love. Before Jonah even gets into the school, the entire student body thinks the two are dating because Tiffany said they were. She gets very grabby when she gets near Jonah. Jonah doesn't have the same feelings for her and gets very nervous whenever she is around. After her transformation at the dance and Jonah sees her actual self and hears her talk he actually likes her and helps her get her normal self back for good.

Crystal Edit

Crystal meets Jonah because of Tiffany's love for him and she messes with him because of it. Even with the harassment they are pretty good friends.

Mr. Fukui Edit

After Jonah tries taking him on, Mr. Fukui takes him out without using any magic. Jonah wants to become that powerful and looks um to Mr. Fukui ever since. When he notices this, Mr. Fukui has special practice sessions with Jonah to help him get stronger. The biggest reason Shin trains Jonah is because of his past affiliation as Aiko's playmate.

Satan Edit

Since Satan is a pretty cool guy, Jonah and him are pretty tight.

Milena Edit

Jonah is kind of her rival but Jonah doesn't like to fight her. She does open up to Jonah after she starts going to school with him and they get along pretty well. This is one of the few people Jonah will not pick on because she helps him with homework and she is to nice to pick on.

Marlen Edit

Marlen hates Jonah because Tiffany is in love with him and also because Jonah brags that he is stronger then Marlen. Marlen will do whatever it takes to make Tiffany pick him over Jonah.

Others Edit

(Lots of people at school dislike him...)

Magic Edit

Jonah was chosen at birth by Satan himself to be given a small amount of his own magic so Jonah could practice it and become stronger. Being given the Divine Magic Diabolis, Jonah is the representative for Hell in the three way war against Heaven and the Fallen Angels. This means he is supposed to fight the other representatives. Jonah is given the Divine Weapon Lævateinn to aid him. Since he and Brandon became friends, Satan and the Archangel Michael have agreed to work together from now on against the growing Fallen Angel army. (Diabolis Magic has a base of Fire Magic)

Abilities Edit

  • Increased Natural and Magical power- Jonah has more strength and magic power than most people in the 1st year class
  • Fire Resistance- Since his magic comes straight from Hell, Jonah isn't affected by any kind of fire
  • Outrage- When Jonah takes enough damage his demon side takes over giving him a short boost of strength and stamina
  • Expert in Hand to Hand Combat - After training with Mr. Fukui and classes with Mr. Steele Jonah has become very skilled in hand to hand combat
  • Extreme Attractiveness - All representatives are born to look very attractive

Known Spells Edit

  • Fireball- Jonah can shoot fireballs at opponents
  • Extinguish- Jonah can put out other peoples fires
  • Demon Fist- Jonah's punches become stronger and his fists are engulfed in fire
  • Demon Breath- a breath attack that fires an "energy beam" (laser)
  • Kamikaze Bomb- Jonah engulfs himself in fire and charges at the opponent
  • Unholy Enchantment
    • Unholy Strength - Increases Jonah's Strength
    • Unholy Toughness - Increases Jonah's Durability
    • Unholy Speed - Increases Jonah's Speed(Not as fast as Brandon)
    • Unholy Energy - Increases Jonah's Magic abilities
    • Unholy Regen - Jonah's Wound and Mana recovery increases
  • Summon Lævateinn- by saying "Lævateinn! Fingat vocat te!" Jonah can summon the demon sword Lævateinn

Cursed Spells Edit

Jonah also has a few spells that are known for being extremely destructive and lethal, but it also harms himself to use these spells. He only uses them in life or death scenarios

  • Internal Flame Curse - Jonah curses the enemy by making their insides burn. Jonah ignites into flames while the spell is active cause him major pain but will not kill him.
  • Mind Deception Curse - Jonah can deceive multiple enemies into brutally attacking each other. When Jonah uses this curse gets torn and ripped from the curses back fire. He also gets a massive headache.
  • Ultimate Curse "Apocalypse" - Jonah uses all his magic and almost all his life force to make a magic circle that obliterates anything in the circle. Jonah goes into a critical state after the spell is done.

Magic Equip (1st Form) Edit

Jonah Magic

Like all mages, Jonah has a magic equip where his power dramatically increases, but until mastered, can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

In this form, Jonah grows black horns and a black tail. His eyes become red and he has two red markings under his eyes. He becomes more muscular and the clothes he is wearing rip off. His lower arms and hands turn into those of a demon; black with red edges. His entire legs turn black and demonic. Jonah is able to fly in this form with his demon wings.

Magic Equip Only Spells Edit

  • Demonic Solar Flare- Jonah flies up and creates a large ball of fire which is thrown at the ground or at an opponent creating a big explosion
  • Concentrated Hell Fire Fist - Jonah concentrates a large amount of his energy into his fist and punches an enemy. When he punches them it makes a wave of explosions that follow the person hit with the punch.

Final Magic Equip ( Deity Power Surge) Edit

Only the representatives of Heaven and Hell have this transformation. With this transformation they gain tremendous power that is comparable to the strongest Angels and Demons. These transformations are very circumstantial. Jonah can only activate his when he becomes consumed in anger. When Jonah Transforms he loses all control.

Appearance Edit

Jonah transforms into a full demon. On his hands are blades that can retract. Jonah's wings grow in size and he also grows a tail. His body becomes very thorny on his shoulders and he grows two thorns on his head.

Final Form Spell Edit

  • Cyclone of Damnation - Jonah opens a portal to hell that forms a cyclone around it those caught by the winds of Hell either get ripped apart or pulled into the portal and those in the center are instantly brought to Hell. Almost impossible to escape unless you are an Angel, Demon, Fallen Angel, or a very strong mage.

Trivia Edit

  • Jonah has a fear of crabs and the ocean
  • Jonah thinks he is good at jokes, but only Tristan laughs so he really isn't that good
  • Jonah won't fight girls (except Umeko and Masumi that one time)
  • Because of his magic, Jonah is next in line to become Leader of Hell, leading the 72 pillars
  • Jonah will one day be able to get the gift of Solomon's Wisdom