Lucifer is that head of the Fallen Angels and is the one who gave the Demidov twins their magic.

Appearance Edit

Lucifer has short black hair with white streaks. He wears a suit and always has a smug grin on his face. Lucifer is never wearing the same suit twice.

Personality Edit

Lucifer is a classy but arrogant man. He acts very charming to seduce women and to make people do as he wish. He likes to act suave and clueless for those who don't know him but people like Satan and Michael both now he is a expert strategist and an manipulative man.

Relationships Edit

Marlen & MilenaEdit

The twins are his representatives and his followers that would do anything he said. He told Marlen that the other reps are some losers who he could kill easily and he told Milena that they are blood thirsty monsters that needed to be stopped. After the war they leave him and Lucifer since planned on getting them back under his control.

Satan and Micheal Edit

He dislikes both and believes that they should be killed so he could be the supreme overlord of heaven and hell. He plans on using the twins to kill them.

Brandon Edit

After Brandon activates his 2nd tier magic equip Lucifer shows up to eliminate Brandon but Micheal appears and takes Brandon, Jonah, and Tristan out of the school to avoid Lucifer.

Magic Edit

Lucifers magic is unclear on what he can do but he has a combination of the representatives of the Fallen Angels magics.