Lycanites are mammal creatures that can become familiars. Very rare creatures; none have been familiarized before because they were thought to be evil. Only the black Lycanites have been know to kill people.

Appearance Edit

Lycanites are large wolf like creatures. They have white or black (depending on their alignment) fur with red markings along their bodies. They have bright yellow eyes without any pupils. Some type of red smoke billows out from their backs and paws.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Since these creatures are generally feared, none have ever been familiarized. When Marlen finds his, he is filled with rage because a Lycanite had killed his parents when he was young. Marlen familiarizes it by beating it in a fight, after which he learns the difference between the black and white Lycanites.

Uses Edit

Lycanites are Offensive Familiars. They are fast and use their strong bites to attack. They can do a fire breath attack that leaves the enemy with a burn. Lycanites can cause the battle field to become hazy with their smoke.