Marlen Human

Marlen Demidov 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A ( Joins after the winter break). He is a representative of the Fallen Angels

Appearance Edit

Marlen has a grumpy appearance to him. He is always frowning and has his arms crossed. He has black hair and grey eyes. He normally wears at first his Chaos Academy uniform but when he transfers he wears an Okyot Academy uniform. But in his spare time he either wears long sleeve shirts or hoodies with jeans and running shoes. He is 6'1" and has a 0 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Marlen is a very angry person. He doesn't like alot of people and the people he does get along with he shows no affection to them. He also believes anyone who isn't a representative of one of the 3 Deity's is not worth getting to know or acknowledging. He also thinks very highly of him self and is very sure of his strength and techniques can beat any opponent he comes across.

Relationships Edit

Milena Edit

Marlen's twin sister also another representative of Lucifer. She is one of the few people Marlen will even try to talk to. They always work together when they can.

Brandon Edit

Marlen considers Brandon as his rival. During the fight they target each other and ever since he wants to destroy Brandon in combat and in intelligence. Even though Brandon barely surpasses him he still thinks he is the most powerful representative of all.

Jonah Edit

Marlen hates Jonah because Tiffany is in love with him and also because Jonah brags that he is stronger then Marlen. Marlen will do whatever it takes to make Tiffany pick him over Jonah.

Tiffany Edit

Marlen loves Tiffany and writes he love letters all the time but is to afraid to talk to her. He wants to date her but, he heard that she is "dating" Jonah and he wants to break them up. After she turns back to normal he still likes her but since Tiffany and Jonah talk much more now he gets even more mad.

Lucifer Edit

Marlen treats Lucifer like he is a apprentice or a servant. He is loyal to Lucifer until Brandon knocks some sense into him. After that Marlen wants to be the one who kills Lucifer.

Magic Edit

Marlen was chosen at birth by Lucifer to get a small amount of his power and to make him a representative for the Fallen angels. Being given the Divine magic Tenebris Cecidit Angelus, Marlen is one representative of the Fallen angles in a 3 way war against Heaven and Hell. This means he is supposed to fight the other representatives. Marlen is given half of the Divine Sword Durandal to aid him.(Tenebris Cecidit Angelus magic is one of the two forms of magics fallen angels use and it is darkness based magic).

Abilities Edit

  • Increased Natural and Magical Power - Marlen has more strength and magic power then most people in the 1st year class
  • Dark resistance - Dark spells don't affect Marlen
  • Shadow Lurk - If Marlen goes into the dark he can go completely unseen while in the shadow
  • Extreme Attractiveness - All representatives are born to look very attractive

Spells Edit

  • Darkness Cannon - Shoots dark balls out of his hands at his enemies
  • Black Claws - Marlen had is engulfed in darkness and his nails become razors by the darkness
  • Shadow Teleport - Marlen can turn into a puff of black smoke and teleport a short distance
  • Null Surge - He makes an explosion of darkness burst out around him
  • Dark Decoy - Marlen can make decoys of himself that not only look like him but can move and replicate his spells dealing damage to opponents
  • Negative Shield - Marlen can make a shield that not only blocks spells but can reflect them back at enemies ( doesnt stop physical moves)
  • Summon Durandal

Magic Equip Edit

Marlen Magic

Like all mages, Marlen has a magic equip where his power dramatically increases, which he has mastered and can use it at will.

Appearance Edit

In this form, Marlen gets a large jacket and a shirt that covers his chest only. His shoes turn into boots and he grows black wings(one large, one small). He also gets a black halo over his head.

Magic Equip only Spells Edit

  • Black Hole - Marlen creates a black hole that sucks in everything it can until he stops it or is forced to stop it