Masumi Kagome is a 1st year transfer student at Okyot Academy in class A. She is the fifth girl to meet Tristan.

Masumi Human

Appearance Edit

Masumi has long, wavy, blonde hair. She has light blue eyes and large eyelashes. Masumi usually wears her Okyot Academy uniform, but when she is not in school she wears very revealing clothing. She is 5'6" and has an 88 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Seemingly innocent, Masumi acts shy when she first comes to Okyot Academy, but uses this to get closer to boys. Masumi is actually a very confident, yet not too bright, girl. Masumi is very seductive and most boys at Okyot Academy love her. Due to her magic, she has a fetish for causing others pain and getting to see some of their blood. She loves Tristan's blood more than anyone else's for an unknown reason. Since Masumi is so confident and is very seductive, she doesn't get jealous of the other girls.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

Masumi wants to date Tristan as soon as she meets him because he is the Class A Representative and she thinks he must be strong. When the class goes on their trip to the beach, Masumi asks Tristan to be on her Team for the Tag Team Tournament so they can get closer and win by being a strong team. When the tourney begins, Masumi finds out Tristan is actually really weak and begins to lose interest in him until he gets hit and begins to bleed. Tristan's blood drives Masumi crazy with allows her to achieve her Magic Equip since the Shibata Incident. After the tourney, Masumi actually falls in love with Tristan because of his special blood and because she likes how he is different from most boys who see her.

Jonah Edit

When Masumi first talks to Jonah at the beach she tells him that she is actually very attracted to him. When he asks her on a date Masumi declines saying she would love to if he wasn't already dating Tiffany. From then on Masumi and Jonah remain only friends no matter how many times Jonah tries to explain about Tiffany. Because of each of their magics, Masumi is able to summon Jonah at anytime and she is the only known person to do this.

Brandon Edit

Masumi and Brandon are good friends since he tutors her after school. Brandon also tries to help Masumi with her Magic Equip problems.

Magic Edit

Masumi was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use the very rare Sanguis Magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Demon Summon- Masumi is able to use her blood to summon demons (only Jonah for now)
  • Nose Bleeds- Masumi's body makes most guys noses bleed when the see her ;P

Known Spells Edit

  • Perfect Weapon- Masumi is able to shape blood into any weapon she wants
  • Transfusion- Masumi can absord blood to heal herself or give blood to heal others, weakening her
  • Blood Clot- Masumi can make blood clotted and sticky to hold people in their place
  • Blood Machine Gun - Masumi shoots little formations of crystallized blood and fires them extremely fast

Final Gambit Edit

A final gambit is a spell so powerful that it takes almost all the users mana to activate it.

  • The Bloody Puppeteer - If the opponent has a cut or any blood exposed Masumi can gain full control of a single targets body and cause them major pain. The only way anyone can possibly escape is to endure it or muscle you're way out which both are very hard to do.

Magic Equip Edit

Masumi Magic

Like all mages, Masumi has a magic equip that dramatically increases her power. Masumi's Magic Equip is different than other people's because she cannot control it at all. Her Magic Equip makes Masumi thirsty for all blood around her and will attempt to kill everyone. Her increased speed and claws make her Magic Equip hard to apprehend.

Appearance Edit

In her Magic Equip form, Masumi's skin turns dark and cuts can be seen dripping blood. Her eyes turn completely black and appear to "cry" blood. Her teeth become extremely sharp and are always bared in a large smile. Her arms grow longer and her fingers become long sharp claws. She leaves puddles of blood and the clothes she was wearing become blood stained