Michael is one of the Archangels of heaven and the one who gives Brandon his magic.


Appearance Edit

Michael is a tall and very attractive man. He has blonde hair and golden eyes. He is usually wearing his Heaven and Hell's Florist uniform. He is 6'3".

Personality Edit

Being an angel, Michael is inherently kind. He is a fun-loving person and doesn't take anything too seriously. He is one of the few angels who never looks down on any Nephilim. Michael loves sweets, like all angels, and thinks the sweets on Earth are better than heaven's so he refuses to return for more than a few days.

Relationships Edit

Brandon Edit

Michael gave Brandon his magic when he was born to become the representative of heaven. When Brandon was able to bring heaven and hell together with Jonah, he knew they were both the best representatives chosen in all the centuries the war had been going on. Michael live sin the human world now watching over Brandon and acting as an older brother, usually being more trouble than he's worth.

Satan Edit

After fighting for centuries, heaven and hell were brought together and found out they both just wanted peace. Satan and Micheal began working together and soon became best friends. They own a flower shop in Tokyo together to be able to watch over their representatives.

Lucifer Edit

Michael had always hated Lucifer for betraying God centuries ago. When Lucifer was asked to sign the peace treaty and refused, Michael's hate for him grew.

Magic Edit

Michael has Sanctus Magic, and gave some to Brandon when he was born to become heaven's representative.

Known Spells Edit

  • Flash- A weak light attack that can impair vision
  • Light Shield- Michael creates a shield made of light
  • Angel's Arrow- Michael shoots arrows of light at the opponent
  • Luminous Punch- Michael surrounds his hands in concentrated light magic to deal extra damage when punching
  • Holy Grenade- spawns a ball of light that explodes
  • Divine Mana Leech - when Michael hits an opponent with a spell he drains some of their mana to regenerate his
  • Angel's Judgement- light surrounds the opponent and implodes, if an ally is close to the opponent the ally will not be damaged
  • Heaven's Gate- Michael can open a gate that goes straight to heaven