Milena Human

Milena Demidov is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A ( Joins after the winter break). She is a representative of the Fallen Angels

Appearance Edit

Milena is a pretty girl with long white hair and always seems to be smiling. She normally wears her Chaos Academy uniform until she transfers to Okyot academy. In her free time she wears short button up dresses. She is 5'4" and has a 81 cm bust

Personality Edit

She, for the most part, is a very nice girl, but is mislead. In the the beginning she believed what she was doing was right, but came to her senses. Now she is very liked and popular. She also is very innocent and isn't used to having many friends because she is very shy. Once she gets to know you she acts much more open and still acts innocent and nice. She may not act like it but she is very confident in her power and she will use any advantage in battle she can.

Relationships Edit

Marlen Edit

Milena's twin brother and her best friend. He is the first person she is very open to and she wants to protect him because of his ego. She almost acts like a mother to him disciplines him if he causes trouble.

Jonah Edit

Jonah is kind of her rival but Jonah doesn't like to fight her. She does open up to Jonah after she starts going to school with him and they get along pretty well. This is one of the few people Jonah will not pick on because she helps him with homework and she is to nice to pick on.

Brandon Edit

Milena and Brandon become friends after she joins Okyot Academy and she has the 3rd highest grades in class. They also get to know each other because she is helping Jonah with his homework. Brandon sometimes thinks the two have something going on.

Mr. Fukui Edit

After Chaos academy gets destroyed in the war, Mr. Fukui has a talk with Milena and he finds out she is very pure at heart. He invites her to join the academy but she only joins if Marlen can join so he agrees. After Mr. Fukui occasionally talks to her about trying to unite all of the representatives to make the most powerful team.

Lucifer Edit

Originally, Lucifer controlled her because she believed everything he said. After the fight she realizes she screwed up listening to Lucifer and his evil plans.

Tiffany Edit

Tiffany sees Milena as a love rival since she seems to talk to Jonah a lot. Tiffany acts much more clingy when she is around. Milena knows she isn't dating Jonah but gets uncomfortable when Tiffany gets touchy since it is inappropriate.

Magic Edit

Milena was chosen at birth by Lucifer to get a small amount of his power and to make her a representative for the Fallen angels. Being given the Divine magic Fulmen Cecidit Angelus, Milena is one representative of the Fallen angles in a 3 way war against Heaven and Hell. This means she is supposed to fight the other representatives. Milena is given half of the Divine Sword Durandal to aid her. (Fulmen Cecidit Angelus magic is one of the two forms of Improbus Sanctus Magic fallen angels use and it is lightning and dark based magic).

Abilities Edit

  • Increased Natural and Magical Power - Milena has more speed and magic power then most people in the 1st year class
  • Lightning resistance - Lightning spells don't effect Milena
  • Shocking veil - If someone touches her they get slightly shocked
  • Extreme Attractiveness - All representatives are born to look very attractive

Spells Edit

  • Lightning Blast - Milena shoots lightning at her enemy
  • Thunder Palm - Milena palm strikes her enemy and electrocutes (Much worse then her Shocking Veil)
  • Speed of Lightning - She covers herself in lightning and runs near light speed (Can actually hit a higher max speed then Brandon)
  • Electric Field - She can make an area she wants become a small area of electricity electrocuting those in the zone
  • Zapping Spiral - Makes a larger cylinder of pure electricity shoot out of the ground and blast the enemy upwards
  • Summon Durandal

Magic Equip Edit

Milena Magic

Like all mages, Milena has a magic equip where her power dramatically increases, which she has mastered and can use it at will.

Appearance Edit

In this form She wears a very old fashion blouse and skirt. She also grows one large wing and one small wing and a black halo above her head.

Magic Equip Spells Only Edit

  • Electromagnetic Crusher - Milena tampers with the electromagnetic forces, picks up her opponent, and starts to crush them. She doesn't like to use it and if she does she will not kill anyone with it