Milton is a first year student in class A at Okyot Academy. He is the student counsel president and head of the Brandon admiration club

Appearance Edit

Milton is a tall man who has quite a bit of hair. His hair is green and he has a very friendly appearance. He has a soft voice yet very muscular and tall. He is 6'6 and has a 0 cm bust

Personality Edit

Milton is kind but very protective of his fellow students. He is never seen angry until the Chaos school invasion when he sees one student hurting Umeko badly then he fights with an angry conviction. He acts like a older brother to all the students and he wants to start a relationship with Brandon.

Relationships Edit

Brandon Edit

Milton's crush and his friend. Milton talks to Brandon often but never talks flirty. They have a good friendship and Brandon has no idea that Milton likes him

Jonah Edit

Milton and Jonah are pretty competitive but they train together often. They teach each other how to fight using their magics. Milton is one of the few people Jonah likes to train with (Brandon, Mr. Fukui, and Milena).

Mr. Fukui Edit

Since Milton is the student counsel president he talks to principal Fukui pretty often. They are pretty close and Mr. Fukui originally wanted Milton to fall in love with Aiko.

Magic Edit

Milton was imbued with Mana at birth and can use Erupturam magic

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Physical Appearance - All the girls except most in Tristans harem are in love with Milton
  • Quick Mana Regeneration - Since his magic burns an abnormal amount of mana he can regenerate it faster

Spells Edit

  • Explosive Punch - Milton punches an enemy and he applies a heavy forceful blast to knock back the enemy
  • Burst Dash - Milton makes two small explosions under his feet making him dash at high speeds. He can take flight using this
  • Forceful Blast - Milton makes an explosion that blows up on enemy damaging them
  • Booming Insignia - Milton makes a magic circle appear on a target and he can make it explode multiple times. If an enemy wipes off the circle the spell is broken. Milton must make physical contact to make circle