Satan is the Dark Prince of Hell and the one who gives Jonah his magic

Appearance Edit

Satan is a very happy looking person. He has black hair and red eyes. He is usually wearing his Heaven and Hell's Florist uniform. He is 6'6".

Personality Edit

Even though Satan is the devil he is actually a very kind man to those not living in sin. He is a huge joker and likes to make people laugh and he sometimes tries to scare people who don't know him very well. Since Satan finds Hell very boring he likes being on earth where everything isn't dead and in agony. He likes seeing everything the world has to offer. Satan also is more intelligent then he appears despite all the trouble he causes. Satan actually likes half-demons more then regular demons because he finds them to be more fun and interesting.

Relationships Edit

Jonah Edit

Satan gave Jonah his magic when he was born and became the representative of Hell. When Brandon and Jonah became a team it also brought Heaven and Hell together and because of this he finds these two representatives to be the most entertaining of them all. Satan is pretty good friends with Jonah and sometimes cause trouble together which Brandon ends up having to bail them out.

Micheal Edit

After fighting for centuries, heaven and hell were brought together and found out they both just wanted peace. Satan and Micheal began working together and soon became best friends. They own a flower shop in Tokyo together to be able to watch over their representatives.

Lucifer Edit

Ever since Lucifer came to Hell after abandoning the Angels, Satan never trusted him. After Lucifer refused to sign the peace treaty Satan's suspicion of Lucifer grew.

Magic Edit

Satan has Diabolis magic, and he gave part of his magic to Jonah to become Hell's representative.

Known Spells Edit

  • Fireball- Satan can shoot fireballs at opponents
  • Extinguish- Satan can put out other peoples fires
  • Demon Fist- Satan's punches become stronger and his fists are engulfed in fire
  • Demon Breath- a breath attack that fires an "energy beam" (laser)
  • Kamikaze Bomb- Satan engulfs himself in fire and charges at the opponent
  • Unholy Enchantment
    • Unholy Strength - Increases Satan's Strength
    • Unholy Toughness - Increases Satan's Durability
    • Unholy Speed - Increases Satan's Speed(Not as fast as Brandon)
    • Unholy Energy - Increases Satan's Magic abilities
    • Unholy Regen - Satan's Wound and Mana recovery increases
  • Hell's Gate - Satan can open a Gate to Hell at will