Shin Fukui is the principal of Okyot Academy and the father of Aiko Fukui.

Shin Fukui

Appearance Edit

Mr. Fukui is a tall, fit, man. He has two scars that go over his right eye which is now blind, but because of his magic, he can see "things" with that eye. He has a some facial hair and a similar hair style to Brandon. Mr. Fukui is usually seen wearing a suit.

Personality Edit

Unlike his daughter, Mr. Fukui is usually a very happy, laid back, person. Most students view him as a father figure while they are so far from home. When needed he can be completely serious and will do anything to protect his students from harm. He became very protective of Aiko after his wife passed away because he doesn't want anything to happen to her.

Relationships Edit

Aiko Edit

Being Aiko's father he loves and cares for her a lot. Ever since his wife was murdered he has been very protective over Aiko so nothing will happen to her. After seeing how brave Tristan can be despite his lack of power, he became very interested in Aiko's relationship with Tristan and watches to see how things play out.

Masumi Edit

After hearing about Masumi and the Shibata Incident, he allows her to come to Okyot Academy. He wants to help her control her magic and use it for good purposes. Along with Brandon, they are trying to find out why Masumi's magic equip is so dangerous and uncontrollable compared to other with the same magic as her.

Brandon Edit

With Brandon's help, Mr. Fukui is trying to find out why Masumi cannot control her magic equip. The two grow closer the more they work together to solve the problem.

Jonah Edit

After Jonah tries taking him on, Mr. Fukui takes him out without using any magic. Jonah wants to become that powerful and looks um to Mr. Fukui ever since. When he notices this, Mr. Fukui has special practice sessions with Jonah to help him get stronger. The biggest reason Shin trains Jonah is because of his past affiliation as Aiko's playmate.

Tristan Edit

Mr. Fukui takes pity when he hears how weak Tristan is and accepts him into the school so he can grow as a mage. Mr. Fukui finds out Thad is sick and sets up the entrance fights to make Tristan feel good about himself and to knock Alberto from being #1. When finds out Tristan and Aiko have a "relationship' going on he is angry until he sees how brave he is despite not having a lot of power.

Alberto Edit

Alberto is the only kid Mr. Fukui does not like. When he finds out someone was bribed to let him be #1 in class A, he is furious. Alberto is always very snooty when talking to Mr. Fukui. Mr. Fukui tries to find ways to make Tristan look better than Alberto.

Magic Edit

Mr. Fukui was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use Mortuis Veritatem magic. His magic is stronger than any other staff members and any student.

Abilities Edit

  • Beyond Sight- with his right eye, Mr. Fukui can see into the beyond. He can also tell when people a destined to die
  • Super Strength and Durability- when he was younger, Mr. Fukui went through a special training to learn how to defend himself with out magic and subsequently make his physical magic attacks stronger

Known Spells Edit

  • Death's Door- a portal is opened allowing a reaper to come through and fight alongside Mr. Fukui
  • Soul Purge- a magic aura explodes from Mr. Fukui harming only people with tainted souls and those he sees as enemies
  • Feign Death- Mr. Fukui can make himself or others appear as if they are dead
  • Wall of Souls- Mr. Fukui can use souls to create an invisible barrier
  • Life Absorb- drains the life of the target making them weak
  • Burrowing Bones- Skeletal hands come forth and burrow their fingers into the flesh of the target

Magic Equip Edit

Mr. Fukui Magic

Like all mages, Mr. Fukui has a magic equip. His power drastically increases when in this form.

Appearance Edit

In this form, Mr. Fukui wears a necromancer's armor. He has two unknown skulls on his shoulders, two hanging from his belt, half of one covering his face, and one on his staff.

Magic Equip Only Spells Edit

  • Soul Method
    • Soul Method: Return- returns a soul to its body
    • Soul Method: Create- synthesizes a soul to use for possesion
    • Soul Method: Dispel- dispels a soul from a body