Solomon's Wisdom is an ability that only the Representatives of Heaven and Hell can acquire.

King Solomon Edit

Solomon was one of the first representatives chosen for Heaven. God chose to give Solomon his knowledge in hopes that it would make it easier for him to defeat Hell. This is exactly what happened, and was able to defeat Hell's representative. After defeating many more demon armies, Solomon grew bored of how easy it had become. Solomon told God that he wanted rule Heaven, but God refused. Solomon grew even more bored of Heaven and one day decide to fall to Hell to try and rule the demons instead. At first Solomon tried reasoning with them to let him become ruler of Hell, but they were still against him for all of the time he had killed their allies. Solomon used force to make the demons allow him to rule and once he was in charge, he set up a system to create order. He appointed 72 Pillars given each of them their own armies of demons to rule over. When Solomon died, his soul was sent to purgatory. His last wish was surprisingly that no one else received the wisdom he had unless it was to stop the world from ending, since knowledge like that can ruin a person's life.

Brandon and Jonah Edit

Brandon and Jonah are given Solomon's Wisdom by Michael when Hell begins to rebel. As per Solomon's dying wish, it was only given to them to stop the end of the world. This ability gives the two a lot of magic power and increases their other abilities. They are not able to tap into all of the actual "wisdom" of everything like they were supposed to; including how to shut the Devil's Gate. When they find this out, Michael and Satan are worried they won't be able to shut the gate.

Aspects Edit

  • Give the representative a lot of magic power
  • Allows for easier magic equipping (only first form)
    • Partial equips can be done as well (Brandon and Jonah can use their wings)
  • Boosts all of the representatives abilities
  • Give the representative the knowledge of everything
    • This does not seem to work with Brandon or Jonah