The Spear of Longinus is a Weapon Based object that can be claimed as a familiar.

About Edit

The Spear of Longinus is a Divine weapon and was owned by a human before it given divine powers. When Jesus was crucified, his captors wanted to speed up his death. After making a plan to do so, they went to him only to find that he had already passed away. To make sure of this, a man named Longinus was made to stab him with his spear. When the spear had pierced Jesus and his blood made contact with it, it became blessed and was changed into a divine weapon. Despite being a Roman, Longinus felt terrible for what they had done to Jesus and attacked the other Romans in the area, learning of his spear's new powers. After that day he swore to use it to fight evil and to be on the side of god. Even though he made this change, since he pierced Jesus he was not allowed into Heaven, but he made sure that the spear would be kept by and angel and no one else. Michael has kept the spear ever since.

Appearance Edit

The spear is six feet long. The blade