Sylphs are humanoid creatures that can become familiars.

Appearance Edit

Sylphs are tall elf like creatures. They have pointed ears and white hair. Males have piercing blue eyes and females have amber eyes.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Sylphs can be befriended by talking to them since they are similar to humans. Despite this, they like to become familiars to people whom they feel like they need to protect and will sometimes ask the mage if they can be their familiar.

Uses Edit

Sylphs can be any of the three types of familiars. When they are Offense Familiars, they use daggers or bows to do quick attacks. When they are Support Familiars, they use magic to use buffs on their masters and debuffs on opponents. When they are Utility Familiars, they can be used as a companion.