Takako Iwata is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. She is the third girl to meet Tristan.

Takako Human

Appearance Edit

Takako has long blue hair that she always keeps up in a bun. She has golden eyes that match the color of her magical aura. Takako normally wears her Okyot Academy uniform, but when not in school she likes to wear short, flowing, dresses. She usually has a smile on her face. Takako is 5'5" and has a 77 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Takako is a kind and caring person. She always thinks of others before herself. Since her magic is a supporting type, she likes taking care of people and making sure everyone is happy. Takako doesn't like to show her emotions because she doesn't want people to feel bad for her. She does, however, get jealous of the other girls when they try to take Tristan for themselves.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

Takako first meets Tristan in their class and marvels over how "strong" he is, but she also likes that he doesn't let being one of the top students go to his head. When the Classroom War begins, Tristan chooses her to be on his team and she finds out he really isn't strong like everyone thinks. When she sees him try to save Aiko (and failing) and taking the hit for her, she admires his bravery and heals him with her Kiss of Life spell.

Haruka Edit

Takako and Haruka met each other when they were children. They both met in an orphanage in Tsubetsu and bonded because they both were mages. The two are never mad at each other, but they get very jealous of one another when they're with Tristan.

Masumi Edit

Takako and Masumi are always fighting because she believes Masumi's magic only cause harm. When she finds out Masumi also likes Tristan, they compete for him all the time.

Magic Edit

Takako was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use Auxilium magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Emotional Aura- Takako's aura makes people around her feel calm
  • Party HUD- Takako can tell the health of her friends when they are nearby

Known Spells Edit

  • Kiss of Life- a spell that only works on people the user feels extremely close with, by kissing the other person Takako can heal them very quickly
  • Shield- Takako can make a magical barrier that can hold back most attacks
  • Boost- Takako can boost different aspects of people including herself
    • Boost Speed- doubles someone's speed
    • Boost Armor- doubles someone's durability
    • Boost Strength- doubles someone's arm strength
  • Heal- Takako can heal someone who is hurt near her

Final Gambit  Edit

A final gambit is a spell so powerful that it takes almost all the users mana to activate it.

  • Guardians Almighty Enchantment - Takako gives all people who she considers friends in the area a major strength, speed, magic, and durability boost. She also completely heals and revitalizes her friends mana. This buff last as long as Takako has mana but while she is using this spell she can not move or protect herself.

Magic Equip Edit

Takako magic

Like all mages, Takako has a magic equip where her power dramatically increases, but until mastered, can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

Takako's appearance doesn't change as much as the others' Magic Equips. When in this form, Takako wears a traditional Shrine Maiden outfit with wooden sandals. On the sleeves the words heal and protect are written in Japanese.