Thad "Boulder" Steele is a 1st year student in class B. He is one Tristan's rivals.

Appearance Edit

Thad is a tall male with short brown hair and a "Chiseled" complexion. He wears the Okyot Academy uniform in and out of school. He is a very bulky and fit person who normally has his bird perched on his shoulder. He is 6'5" with a 0 cm bust

Personality Edit

Thad is a very aggressive person and wants to show he is the strongest mag alive. He likes to pick fights and bully weaker students. He is strong but isn't very smart. He isn't very book smart and has a hard time remembering most lessons from class. All he really cares about after starting high school is proving to the school Tristan isn't strong byt any means possible.

Relationship Edit

Tristan Edit

Thad's mortal enemy. He hated Tristan since Thad was beaten unfairly by him. Ever since then Thad wanted revenge and to show everyone that Tristan isn't strong but is stopped most of the time by Brandon and Jonah

Humphrey Edit

Thad's pet and best friend since Thad was a little. They work together to help Thad get a second chance at fighting Tristan. People don't realize that Humphrey does most of the thinking for Thad.

Jonah Edit

Another person Thad hates since Jonah actually surpasses him in strength. Jonah tends to try and fight Thad whenever Thad tries to expose Tristan's secret.

Brandon Edit

Once again, another person Thad hates because Brandon always outsmarts Thad or tricks him into screwing up his plan. Brandon also outsmarts a bird

Francois Edit

They both sometimes work together to make the girls hate Tristan's or hurt him

Magic Edit

Thad was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use Petra Mutatio Magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Stone Skin - His skin is tougher then normal skin making him more durable
  • Lack of Brains - for as strong as he is, he is very stupid
  • Talented fighter - With his dad being an amazing fighter he is also very good

Spells Edit

  • Rock Morph - Turns a part of his body to rock
  • Rock Hammer - Turns his arm into a giant hammer
  • Rock Column - His arm stretches into a column Slamming into opponents
  • Rock Catapult - Launches a rock at opponent