Appearance Edit

Tiffany is a very short girl with long black hair. Her face usually has no emotion. She wears her Okyot Academy uniform in school and whatever she thinks Jonah will like outside of school. She is 3'0" and has a bust size of 20 cm.

Post Transformation Edit

Tiffany after she turns back to her normal self when the witches curse wears off. She is a normal looking girl after the curse wears off. She has very long black hair with a cowlick and normally smiles. She wears a casual dress and shoes with long socks. she stands at 5'8" with a 84 cm bust

Personality Edit

Tiffany usually has no emotion and is pretty calm. She has intense feelings of love for Jonah and almost everyone thinks he has the same feelings back. She is very protective over him and doesn't like when he is with other girls. She is able to trick Jonah in to going on dates in different ways. She is very trusting of Jonah and will believe anything he tells her, unless it's that he doesn't like her back. When she becomes normal again she is typically is very happy and hyper. She only gets mad when she sees Jonah talk to other girls and Jonah ends up being hit for it or she scares them off by getting touchy like before

Relationships Edit

Jonah Edit

Ever since Tiffany first laid eyes on Jonah at the Atmos-Train Station, she had fallen in love with him and was determined to date him. although Jonah doesn't feel the same way, she is relentless in her mission to date him. She tricks Jonah into going on some dates and other times she just restrains him and takes him. She gets very mad when she thinks Jonah is doing something with other girls. After her transformation at the dance and Jonah sees her actual self and hears her talk he actually likes her and helps her get her normal self back for good.

Crystal Edit

Crystal is Tiffany's twin sister, but they look nothing alike. They don't really talk to each other too often, but when they do it's usually to plan how they can do things with Tristan and Jonah.

Milena Edit

Tiffany sees Milena as a love rival since she seems to talk to Jonah a lot. Tiffany acts much more clingy when she is around. Milena knows she isn't dating Jonah but gets uncomfortable when Tiffany gets touchy since it is inappropriate.

Marlen Edit

Marlen loves Tiffany and writes he love letters all the time but is to afraid to talk to her. He wants to date her but, he heard that she is "dating" Jonah and he wants to break them up. After she turns back to normal he still likes her but since Tiffany and Jonah talk much more now he gets even more mad.

Magic Edit

Tiffany was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use Iritum Magic.

Known Spells Edit

  • Dispel- Tiffany is able to dispel any magic unless they have enough will against it
  • Copy:
    • Copy Magic- Tiffany is able to copy one spell from someone for the duration of a battle
    • Copy Ability- Tiffany can copy one of somebody's abilities for a short time