Tristan Hamme is a 1st year student at Okyot Academy in class A. He somehow manages to start a harem without knowing.

Tristan Human

Appearance Edit

Tristan has short brown hair and has glasses. He wears his Okyot Academy uniform with an "I ❤ MLP" shirt underneath. When not in school, he wears his "I ❤ MLP" shirt with jeans and blue shoes. Tristan is 6'2" and has a bust size of 0 cm.

Personality Edit

In the beginning, Tristan is sad about going to Okyot Academy because his magic is much weaker than most people's. Tristan never worries about fights because he knows his magic won't so much (unless he fights Alberto). When he manages to beat Thad and become class A's number 1, he gets a confidence boost. Tristan is oblivious to the fact that all the girls like him and doesn't realize that he starts a harem. He is very brave when he wants to protect his friends and will do anything for them.

Relationships Edit

Jonah & Brandon Edit

Brandon and Jonah met Tristan when they were young and he was getting picked on for having a weak magic. Brandon and Jonah beat up the bullies and the three have been friends ever since. They all dreamed of enrolling in Okyot Academy when they turned 14 to help Tristan strengthen his magic and to meet more mages. Now, they are fulfilling their dream.

Umeko Edit

Tristan first meets Umeko when she tells him to move, but he doesn't so she hits him with bike at the Atmos-Train station. Umeko lands on top of Tristan and when he looks up at her sparkly stuff happens. Tristan likes her slightly more because she is a loli and she was the first girl he meets. Tristan like the nickname she gives him: Tristan-sama!

Aiko Edit

Like any normal person, when Tristan bumps into Aiko and knocks her over, he falls right between her boobs. This makes Aiko hate Tristan for a while. Tristan feels really bad and apologizes to her, which she reluctantly accepts. When Mrs. Yukimura tells Tristan to pick his team for the class war, Aiko is the first one he chooses to try to get closer to her. When they all find out how weak Tristan really is, she doesn't know if she actually likes him. He then attempts to use Bubble Shield to protect her, he fails and takes the hit for her instead. When Aiko sees how brave he is she falls in love.

Takako Edit

Takako first meets Tristan in their class and marvels over how "strong" he is, but she also likes that he doesn't let being one of the top students go to his head. When the Classroom War begins, Tristan chooses her to be on his team and she finds out he really isn't strong like everyone thinks. When she sees him take a hit for his friend she admires his bravery and heals him with her Kiss of Life spell.

Haruka Edit

Haruka first meets Tristan when Takako forces her to talk to him with her. Like a lot of girls in the school, she likes Tristan when she thinks he is super strong and because he has glasses. When she fights on the opposite team as him in the Classroom War, she finds out he really isn't strong at all. This actually makes her like him more because she thinks if she gets to date him no one else will want him so he'll be sure to stay with her. Tristan always helps to calm her down when she gets nervous or anxious.

Masumi Edit

When Tristan first sees Masumi he is stunned by her beauty. When she tells him she actually likes him, Tristan is surprised. When the class takes a trip to the beach, Tristan sees Masumi checking him out and goes over to talk to her. She asks him to be on her team for the tag team tournament and he agrees making the other three girls jealous. When they are in the fight, Masumi finds out how weak he actually is and gets angry. Tristan gets hit and starts bleeding, Masumi goes insane with lust and Magic Equips going out of control which hasn't happened since the Shibata Incident. After the tournament she falls in love with him for his special blood and how he's different than most boys.

Alberto Edit

Alberto pays to become class A's number 1, but when Tristan beats Thad, he moves ahead of Alberto. This angers Alberto and he vows to Tristan's rival in magical power and in status. The two later find out they are roommates for the rest of their school careers.

Thad Edit

Thad was Tristan's opponent at the entrance fights to determine what class the students were in. Thad was very sick that day and one of Tristan's bubbles pops causing him to fall over. This puts Thad in class B and Tristan in class A. Since Thad should have been in his place he wants to beat up Tristan to prove his strength.

Francois Edit

Francois planned on coming to Okyot Academy to meet girls and impress them with his Hair Magic. When he finds out girls don't like that and sees that Tristan is building a harem, he wants to eliminate Tristan and take it for himself.

Magic Edit

Tristan was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use the very weak Bulla Magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Mysterious Attraction from Women- Tristan attracts women and doesn't realize it EVER
  • Decreased Natural and Magical Power- his strength, speed, and magic power is lower than EVERYONES (except Alberto)

Known Spells Edit

  • Double Bubble- Tristan creates duplicates of himself that pop with a single touch and cannot move
  • Bubble Shield- Tristan makes a large bubble to shield with, but it can pop
  • Bubble Blast- Tristan shoots bubbles at the opponent, but they don't do anything except burn eyes because they are soap
  • Bubble Insight- Tristan's one useful spell, he can create a bubble that follows someone so he can hear and see them

Final Gambit  Edit

A final gambit is a spell so powerful that it takes almost all the users mana to activate it. Tristan's final gambit actually does stuff.

  • Bubbly Mine Field - Tristan covers an area with bubbles and if they touch an enemy they pop with a lot of force.

Magic Equip Edit

Tristan Magic

Like all mages, Tristan has a magic equip.

Appearance Edit

He is a bubble.