Vera Bologna is a 2nd year student at Okyot Academy in class A. She is the seventh girl to meet Tristan.

Vera Human

Appearance Edit

Vera is a shorter girl; the second shortest in the harem. She has long brown hair that fades to blonde and wears it in a loose braid. She normally wears her Okyot Academy uniform, but when not in school she likes to wear the latest fashion from Italy. She is 5'4" and has 75 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Vera is a very kind and polite girl. She always tries to be nice to everybody no matter how rude the individual(Her brother Alberto). She is very hard to not enjoy being around.

Relationships Edit

Tristan Edit

She first meets Tristan when she is watching the Tag Team Tournament to support her brother Alberto. After hearing rumors of Tristan's strength she is excited to see how powerful he is. After watching the fight she realizes that he isn't that strong but, she doesn't really care since Alberto is in the same way. After meeting Tristan she likes his awkward mannerisms and starts to fall in love with Tristan but she doesn't express it as often as the other girls do.

Alberto Edit

Vera's brother who she treasures very dearly. She is always being over protective of him which he does not like. Vera feels bad because she knows how badly her brother wishes to be stronger.

Brandon Edit

When Vera first meets Brandon he falls in love with her. She does not feel the same way about him, but wants to be really good friends.

Magic Edit

Vera was imbued with mana at birth and can use Sabulum Magic.

Abilities Edit

Known Spells Edit

  • Desert Pit- Vera can turn the ground underneath the opponent in to quick sand, trapping them
  • Sandstorm- Vera can create a sandstorm to impair vision, if she puts enough magic power into this spell it can also cause some damage
  • Arid Desolation- Water and plant spells are weakened while fire, ground, and light spells are boosted
  • Desert Buster- sand is shot at the opponent dealing damage to them

Final Gambit Edit

A final gambit is a spell so powerful that it takes almost all the users mana to activate it.

  • Summon Grand Sand Golem: Goliath - Vera creates a giant sand golem that protects her and follows her commands. It is nearly impossible to defeat unless Vera runs out of mana then it collapse.

Magic Equip Edit

Vera Magic

Like all mages, Vera has a magic equip that drastically increases her power. Until mastered, this can only be used in special circumstances.

Appearance Edit

In this for Vera's body turns into to sand. She is able to change the shape of her body at will. The sand that makes up her body will not mix with other sands, but does allow her to blend in.