Wendigos are humanoid creatures that can become a familiar.

About Edit

Wendigos were humans who have changed into this creature after either eating human flesh or by allowing a free wendigo spirit into their body. They are extremely dangerous creatures. They have a hunger for human flesh and nothing else. They can move extremely quick and are able to mimic voices to trick people. Despite their emaciated appearance, they have double the strength of when they were human.

Appearance Edit

Wendigos are humanoid in shape and are very emaciated. Their teeth have grown sharp and their eyes are sunken back. Their skin is grey-ish and they smell like death.

Familiar Edit

Befriending Edit

Wendigos must first be cornered before attempting to Familiarize them. This can be done by waving something on fire, which they fear, in front of them. Next a piece of meat (not human flesh) must have some of the blood of the person who wants to Familiarize them on it and thrown to the Wendigo. Eating this breaks the Wendigo's lust for human flesh and can then be familiarized.

Uses Edit

Wendigos are Offense Familiars. If one can be Familiarized, they are a great asset. Their quick speed and doubled strength make them a formidable partner, but they are weak to fire attacks.