Yukina Yamada is a 1st year student at Kong Hong Academy in China who drops out to help her sick mother in Japan. She has a crush on Brandon

Appearance Edit

Yukina has a very cheerful complexion. She has very defined eyebrows and long curly lavender hair. Yukina wears laced boots that go just lower than the knee, along with a short dress with sweater on top. Yukina eventually wears an Okyot academy uniform when she transfers in. She is 5'7" and has a 51 cm bust.

Personality Edit

Yukina is normally a very cheerful and happy person unless one certain person is around. She tends to be very nice and polite to everyone but tends to be clumsy around those she wants to impress. She tends to attract the attention of almost all males except Jonah. She never shows any true affection to any guy besides Brandon and only dislikes one person.

Relationships Edit

Brandon Edit

Yukina has a major crush on Brandon after he helped her and her mother from the loan shark. She ends up transferring schools to be closer to Brandon. They at first kind of keep their attraction to one another to them selves but open up after the Magic olympics when Jonah almost kills her and other people.

Jonah Edit

Yukina is the type of girl that hates nobody yet Jonah finds a way to make her hate him. She hates his arrogance and "abuse" to Brandon. She also thinks he is a major slob and a lazy bum who is wasting Brandon's time. They tend to but heads sometimes but for the most part Jonah does not dislike her. Yet Yukina believes Jonah is either going to kill Brandon or get him killed.

Umeko Edit

Yukina and Umeko have one major common interest and that is their hatred for Jonah. They both tend get talk about either boys they like or how stupid Jonah is. They both would be happy if Jonah would never talk to Brandon or Tristan again. They think Jonah has mind control on them.

Tiffany Edit

These two girls don't hate each other as people they just argue when it comes to which guy is better Jonah or Brandon. But they Are good friends since they act very similar.

Vera Edit

Yukina and Vera end up becoming roommates and best friends. They tend to do a lot together and this causes problems for Brandon since he likes both of them.

Magic Edit

Yukina was imbued with mana at birth and as a result can use arma creación magic.

Abilities Edit

  • Increased Natual Agility - Yukina is very light on her feet and tends to be a mobile fighter
  • Weapon Knowledge and Mastery - Yukina has extensive knowledge and mastery in non magic weapons

Magic Edit

  • Spawn Weapon - Yukina creates a weapon that feeds off her mana to make it powerful
  • Weapon Blast - Yukina makes a weapon she created explode with fire or smoke
  • Weapon Enchantment - Yukina can enchant her weapons to have magic properties (Ex. makes a blade that can hurt demons)

Final Gambit Edit

  • Blade Dance - Yukina creates hundreds of blades that spin and a high speed and sends them to a target location to rip apart the area